The Secret Most Lawyers Won’t Tell You
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The Secret Most Lawyers Won’t Tell You

I lost count of the time number of times I heard, “But why do I need a lawyer?” or “If you use this product you won’t need a lawyer.”

And the silent response in my brain has always been the same: “YES, YOU NEED A REAL LAWYER.” But now is time to say mea culpa, I am sorry, yo lo siento. I did not see it from your perspective, the business owner. Now I do.
You see. My question has always been, “But why do I need a bookkeeper? I especially found it troublesome since I am a tax attorney. For crying out loud, I know this stuff. Why do I need to pay someone to do it for me?


Because that is not my specialty, and there are nuisances that I may miss.


Because every April 15, I am filing an extension, and every October 1st, I am in full panic mode, spending a week in my office shut down fixing my books for the whole year and trying to find all my allowable deductions. (Needless to say, I am a very grumpy person the first weeks of October.)

However, last year was different. Yes, I was still on extension (some habits are hard to change), but you know what? The first week of October it took three hours to complete my business tax return. What!!


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So to answer your question, but why do I need a lawyer?

Yes, I concede there are times when you may not need a lawyer, but a lawyer provides you peace of mind (she makes sure you are legally covered and protected). A lawyer is your zealot advocate. (As a matter of fact, that is part of our code of ethics.) She is the person who has your back. I do understand that with cash flow, legal fees may not always be in the budget, but please don’t leave it until the end. (Trust me, there are too many times when I see messes created because lawyers were not involved since the beginning and fixing a mess always costs more.) So while yes, you may be able to find the answer after hours and hours of research, a lawyer will give it to you way faster, and that answer will be backed up by years of experience. You have to remember; legal fees are not for the document you receive at the end of the day, but for the advice that comes after years of learning and experience.

Bite-Size Legal Tip: If you want to determine whether you need a lawyer or not, instead of asking yourself, “Do I need a lawyer,” or “Why do I need a lawyer?” ask how important is this to me? What other benefits will I receive (time, peace of mind) from hiring a lawyer? Sometimes the answers are not found in the original questions, but those asked indirectly.