What Most Experts Get Wrong about the Meaning of the Phrase “Go Pro”?
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What Most Experts Get Wrong about the Meaning of the Phrase “Go Pro”?

A phrase that is often over-used is “going pro.”

I lost count of the many times that I read articles telling me to organize my office, have a set schedule, blog consistently, and then I can show that I have gone pro. Well, guess what. The fact that I show up every day means that I am a pro. A more organized office doesn’t (although it does bring a zen quality). Keeping a schedule doesn’t. What going pro really means is showing up every day to take care of your most important client /customer. . .your business.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly busy creating brand new products, offering new services, and meeting client deadlines that we forget about meeting our business’s needs. I am also guilty of this. However, if you think about it, your business is the most important client you have. Clients will come and go, but your business won’t. Just like you take care of others, you need to take care of it.


What do I mean by taking care of it?

No, I don’t mean doing marketing, creating more content, doing guest posts, although that is important for the bottom line, I mean making sure you know what is going on with your books (keep copies of those business receipts). I mean protecting your intellectual property (trademark your business name, copyright your e-book). I mean putting your business relationships in writing (having contracts with your customers and vendors). I mean making sure, you have the right business structure (does it make sense to incorporate yourself?).

Hey, I understand this is not the sexy and fun side of business. However, you know what is also not sexy or fun, an IRS audit in which you don’t have the right backup (i.e., copies of your business receipts), a client who refuses to pay, or having to fight for the right to use your business name in another country.

So today, I challenge you to take five minutes and write down one way in which you will be protecting your business.

Bite-Size Legal Tip: Make sure you take care of your most important clients’ need. . .that is, make sure you take care of protecting your business first.