Avoiding Immigration Trouble: Tips and Strategies | Claudia Moncarz with Sherley Haratz | Episode 07
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Avoiding Immigration Trouble: Tips and Strategies | Claudia Moncarz with Sherley Haratz | Episode 07

On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, we dive into the complicated world of immigration law. Our guest, Sherley Haratz, a seasoned attorney, shares emotional stories from her personal and professional experience as an immigrant. We hear about a business client who faced issues at the airport and was eventually sent back because of a common mistake made by business owners. Our guest discusses various types of visas available and stresses the importance of exploring all options before assuming one doesn’t qualify. With compassion and expertise, Sherley sheds light on the complexities of the U.S. immigration system and provides valuable insights for anyone navigating it.

Listen in to learn more about: 

  • [00:03:18] Volunteering to help immigrants with human rights, trading clients with dignity and working on business visas, green cards, and EB Five.
  • [00:08:22] Visa processing for various types of people, including musicians, entrepreneurs, and movie directors; H1B, TN, and religious visas for people from Chile, Canada, Mexico, and other countries.
  • [00:12:20] Touring US on B1/2 visa does not allow working.
  • [00:18:25] Refused admission, get Esta waiver, 90 day stay
  • [00:20:22] Help with visa extensions for those unable to leave due to sickness; also month-to-month extensions during COVID-19; don’t overstay visas.

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Sherley Haratz is an attorney in the United States and Panama. She studied law in three jurisdictions and is a founding partner of the law firm Haratz & Stubbe, LLC. She represents clients at the Department of Homeland Security with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, United States State Department, Embassies, Consulates, CBP, and the Immigration Courts.

Sherley Haratz brings her experience in multiple jurisdictions, giving you an international perspective in dealing with international clients by providing them with strategic solutions.

Connect with Sherley https://www.haratzstubbe.com/

Connect with Claudia Moncarz:


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